Pioneering digital platform set to bring education and business together

Edtech start-up Simply Do Ideas has teamed up with the University of South Wales to launch a platform that lets universities and businesses collaborate on business solutions.

The first-of-its-kind digital platform, named Simply Link, will transform the way commercial organisations and universities work together. It’ll allow  SMEs, third sector organisations and charities to ask for assistance from students.

Through the platform, businesses will be able to submit problems and receive support from an entrepreneurial team based at the university. They’ll carefully analyse and assess submissions.

As well as this, the initiative will also let students apply themselves to real business issues. This will give them the ability to ensure their learning is combined with live projects and applied in a commercial environment.

In return, businesses will benefit from increased access to academia alongside strategic and creative problem solving. Students and businesses will start using the online platform this term.

Simply Do Ideas positions itself as an education technology disruptor, and it’s looking to support the development and growth of early-stage business ideas through the platform.

The new bespoke platform, designed for the University of South Wales, demonstrates an innovative approach to enterprise education from both partners.

Lee Sharma, founder and CEO of Simply Do Ideas, said: “The Simply Link platform is a pioneering initiative and we are proud to be part of it.

“Education providers have long been challenged to ensure that young people are work ready and this new platform is an exciting step to transform how this is achieved essentially creating an effective conduit between education and industry.

 “By enhancing the curriculum with real and live business issues, we’re not just replicating the commercial world – we’re immersing students within it.

“This is all about bringing raw talent and a creative mindset together with businesses. Within the incubator of academia, we can hone this potential to create a work-ready, employable and entrepreneurial next generation that will help UK business step-up to the next level.”

The company will promote the platform to SMEs, third sector organisations and charities to encourage wide industry participation, and it’ll be managed by USW Exchange.

Based at the University of South Wales’ Pontypridd campus, the organisation offers services to support start-ups and help existing SMEs and social enterprises strive for growth.

Siwan Rees, director of USW Exchange, said: “The development of this new online platform with Simply Do Ideas will provide businesses with an easy to use online portal to raise questions around areas where they need some support.

“These will be assigned to an entrepreneurial team at the University, made up of students and supported by academics, to assess and provide appropriate advice.

“We already have students working with businesses across South Wales and the introduction of the portal will complement and enhance our ability to support business growth in the area whilst also the skills and experience of our students.”