Public science festival returns to Cardiff

Pint of Science, which is one of the world’s largest festival of public science talks, will return once again to the Welsh capital next month.

The highly coveted event will see 30 of the nation’s brightest scientists take to the stage in pubs throughout Cardiff to deliver fun, interactive talks about their research.

Set to take place between the 14th and 16th of May, the event will expose members of the public to talks ranging from the battle against Huntington’s disease to a scientific explanation about why online dating is a waste of time.

Dr Emma Yhnell, from Cardiff University’s School of Medicine, is one of the academics scheduled to take part in the event. She said: “At some point in our lives we are all patients and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, probe scientists and most importantly to learn something new.

“Pint of Science allows the public to engage with scientists and discuss their research in an informal and relaxed environment.”

As well as keynotes, each evening will also offer a range of science-based activities. These include geeky puzzles, engaging stories and other interactions.

The Cardiff event will take place in pubs such as the Philharmonic, Tiny Rebel and 10-feet tall, with tickets costing just £4. These can be purchased through the Pint of Science website (

Academics Dr Praveen Paul and Dr Michael Motskin launched the event six years ago – with the aim of bringing a personal touch to science and giving everyone the chance to meet the people behind scientific discoveries.

“There is so much fascinating research happening right under our noses that we don’t know about,” said festival co-founder Dr Paul.

“Some can get lost in translation leading to fake news. Pint of Science allows people direct access to inspiring scientists and encourages open discussion, all in the most familiar of British places, the pub. Scientists drink pints too – they really aren’t that different.”