Quick fire interview: Martin Smith, CEO of Alcumus Group

We recently caught up with Martin Smith in a quick fire interview. He’s the CEO of Alcumus, which provides technology-enabled risk management, certification and accreditation services.

TD: What makes your company unique?

MS: Based in Cardiff, Alcumus is the UK’s leading tech-enabled business assurance and risk management business  We are growing at double the market and have over 37,000 customer, both corporate and SMEs.

TD: What has been its biggest success and biggest obstacle?

MS: Our biggest success – biggest obstacle – has been the acquisition and integration of six companies over the last 7 years. People make an acquisition successful, so it is vital that customer, employee and suppliers understand the strategic rational and the benefits that bringing companies together can deliver.

Only then can greater benefits, improved service and improved growth be delivered. Get any of these wrong, then an acquisition will not deliver its potential. Thankfully, we have managed to deliver successful acquisitions that have added to our growth story and delivered additional employee skill sets, customer cross-sell opportunities and market share.

TD: Where do you see yourself and the firm in five years’ time?

In five years’ time, Alcumus will be the leading UK and International tech-enabled business assurance and risk management business. We will have delivered on both our organic growth and strategic acquisition plan having successfully delivered a continuous year-on-year growth of over 15% and we will have over 70,000 UK and International customers.

TD: What advice would you give to the next generation of business people?

Be open, be honest and treat people how you would want to be treated, and most importantly, always recruit people who are better than you and will challenge you.