Science discovery centre Techniquest invests £190k in new exhibits and facilities

Educational charity Techniquest has announced it’s invested more than £190,000 in a range of new exhibits and facilities to enhance its experience for thousands of visitors.

The science discovery centre, which is based in Cardiff Bay and features 120 hands-on exhibits promoting STEM, has been using this funding to renew and refresh its offering.

It’s already spent nearly £100,000 on creating seven new exhibits: the Lego Soyuz space capsule, the Virtual Reality changing room, Animate It and Imagination Playground.

As well as additional exhibits, the organisation has also improved its digital offering. Updates have been made to its website, online booking system and internet connection.

Techniquest is also developing ‘Look Closer’, a web application to complement its exhibits. Overall, it’s received £193,000 to enhance and promote scientific learning across Wales.

Lesley Kirkpatrick, chief executive officer of Techniquest, said: “As an educational charity, we are committed to ensuring that Wales develops a scientifically literate society through interactive STEM engagement.

“It is therefore vital that we remain fresh and innovative to remain up-to-date with current scientific and digital trends and educational curriculums.

“As part of this, we recognise the need to constantly re-evaluate and refresh our science discovery centre in a bid to enhance our visitor experience and extend our appeal to audiences of all ages.

She continued: “This significant investment has allowed Techniquest to introduce some really exciting exhibits which not only take scientific education to the next level, but also provide an engaging, memorable and innovative experience for those wanting a fun day out.

“We look forward to welcoming visitors young and old to the centre over the coming months to see all the new improvements we have introduced for themselves.”

As part of the investment and to increase its revenue streams over the next few years, Techniquest launched a new conference and event facility in May – following a refurbishment.

Lesley added: “Despite going for 30 years, many people are still unaware that we’re a charity. Over the last few months, we’ve been on a journey and long term programme of change and re-focus to ensure Techniquest has a sustainable future.

“We have looked at how we diversify our income streams and with such an iconic building in the heart of Cardiff Bay, offering our space to hire for events seemed like a natural step.”