Sequence launches interactive campaign promoting Wales as a place to study

Welsh digital creative agency Sequence has partnered with the Open University to create an online-based interactive campaign to convince students to study in Wales.

Hafan tests students’ knowledge on Welsh culture and history, and has been developed collaboratively by the agency’s design and creative departments.

It’s also been working with film company Storm+Shelter on producing a series of inspirational videos showcasing the lives and stories of those living in Wales.

James Bearne, creative director at Sequence, said: “How do you create something compelling that’ll connect with an audience on an emotional level to motivate action? This was the challenge we faced with Open University’s Welsh-based courses.

“Our aim was to create an interactive experience that was meaningful. One that showcased the course in a refreshing way. To achieve this we focused on the people and their stories to share a truth about Wales that users could connect with.

“We did it through a series of mini-documentaries that sit on Hafan: an artistic website to inspire and present what it’s really like to be Welsh. A way that no other university has ever promoted courses related to Welsh language and heritage in the past.”