Sequence teams up with Pinewood Studios

Sequence, a digital design and creative agency based in Cardiff Bay, has partnered with prestigious British film and television company Pinewood Studios.

It’s helping the production group design, develop and launch a new locations database solution across its worldwide divisions, something that’ll transform the way films are made.

Utilising the tools, facilities and locations knowledge available, the company decided to build its own platform, and Sequence has been chosen as the agency to make this happen.

Pinewood On Location will be the product of the partnership, a specialist website allowing location managers, producers and production managers to find approved film locations.

With the aim being to help professionals search for suitable spots and facilities, users will be able to explore each location based on their services and facilities.

Dave Greaves, BVI operations manager at Pinewood Studios, said: “Sequence went the extra mile with the ideas and concepts. We also felt that Sequence have a great team that we would want to work with, and partner with for the long term.”

Chyrelle Anstee, account director at Sequence, said: “Pinewood Studios are such an exciting brand, it is a privilege to partner with them. The Pinewood On Location website really showcases their location services using some breathtaking imagery and clever interaction so the user can immerse themselves in the Pinewood location experience.”