Service designed to make tasks easier for climbing centres unveiled

A service designed to make day-to-day tasks in climbing centres easier has been unveiled. helps centre managers track and optimise their routes and provides information on their centres. Its creators say it capitalises on the fact that climbing centres have a couple of gaps in their understanding of their businesses.

For example, they can have hundreds of routes on their walls that need updating on a regular basis. Also, printing route information often depends on route setters using design software, and reporting and resolving issues with routes relies on a combination of pieces of paper and a good memory. effectively solves these problems in a single integrated system.

Marc Heatley, co-founder of, said: “The original idea for was to create an app for individual climbers to record, rate and share their climbs – but that depends on there being good, standardised data on the routes in centres.

“That’s why we’ve made RouteSetter a free product. By helping centres to manage their centres today, we can pave the way to creating a social platform that is the defacto standard in the future.”