Social media analysis tool Tweview launches at Oi16

Tweview, a tool that tracks how consumers are rating products, services and brands on social media, has launched at technology conference Oi16.

Created by Newport-based digital agency Coup Media, it’s been designed to let marketing departments, agencies and brand owners get an idea of what people think of their products.

The platform works by monitoring social media posts about brands or products in real-time before providing sentiment analysis on how they’ve been received by consumers using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Its aim is to provide a coherent, robust way of capturing and analysing online feedback through the latest technology. Before, it would’ve been a case of formally reviewing comments left on a website or social network.

As part of a successful pilot programme, the service was used by BBC Three on its political show Free Speech to gather audience comments on the issues being debated.

Coup Media has also worked with Odeon Cinemas on a movie analysis version of the platform. This saw it analyse more than 2.5 million social media posts about the latest films.

Tweview is now available for other industries and lets businesses plot marketing activities against a calendar and competitors to ensure social media strategies are as effective as possible.

Paul Shepherd, founder of Coup Media, said: “Traditional online product reviews are not representative of the real-time reaction, as many users will use social media to express their opinion rather than going back to a company’s website.

“Before Tweview, multiple tools were needed to draw together online responses from various web sources, but this makes it a quick and easy process.

“The return on investment of social media is constantly called into question, but with Tweview, businesses will be able to measure the impact that their marketing and social media activity is having on the way their products and services are being received by customers.

“It provides market intelligence that will help businesses make more informed choices on where they invest time and finance, which will ultimately lead to more cost effective marketing decisions.”