South Wales tech cluster renames itself after famous boat and internet meme

In an increasingly competitive world, global start-up clusters are looking to attract talent and investment through the use of branding and naming.

And many of those clusters worldwide have organically or intentionally followed the naming convention inspired by the granddaddy of all start-up clusters, Silicon Valley.

We have Silicon Roundabout (east London), Silicon Alley (New York), Silicon Lagoon (Lagos, Nigeria), and Silicon Peninsula (Danan, China). But our startup cluster is signalling its intention to take inspiration from an altogether different source….

A boat.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Whether you’re a government, a local council, a VC, or just a group of avid entrepreneurs who want to make things better, building a community and ecosystem of startups is hard. Really hard. In fact, if you follow respected US investor Brad Feld’s “Boulder Thesis”, you’ll know that he believes it’s something that can take decades.

Here at Cardiff Start we’re a passionate group of tech start-up entrepreneurs who created the community in order to offer peer-to-peer support at a time when there was little relevant tech startup support available.

We’ve done everything from organise traditional beer ‘n’ pizza meetups, through to bringing world-class experts from London, Europe and America to the city to run free workshops for startup founders And, just last month, we hosted the latest leg of Pitch@Palace on tour, with HRH The Duke Of York judging the finest tech startups that Wales has to offer.

We’ve come a long way, and Cardiff is starting to become a flourishing city of tech-entrepreneurial activity. We have loads of great proptech and fintech start-ups raising seed rounds and growing at a fantastic rate.

We are also the fastest growing capital city in Europe; bigger start-ups are taking advantage of our tech talents and low costs to base themselves here; and we have a quality of life that is repeatedly proven to be the best in the UK (just don’t mention the rain).

However, we sometimes find it difficult to be heard above the noise from Bristol, Manchester, Birmingham and our huge, dirty, smelly cousin, London. And so after some intensive branding discussions, and consulting of some of the finest minds that Wales has to offer, we’re taking up the brilliant suggestion of Colin Batten in our flourishing Facebook group.

We’ve discovered a name that shines forth, speaks to today’s hashtag-aware Millenials, and is a name that everyone can get behind.

From 00:01am on the 1st April, the tech startup community of Cardiff will be known as: Techy McTechface.

It worked for that ship, right? No research vessel since The Beagle has had anywhere near as much attention, prestige, and press as that boat. And, fact fans, did you know that the #NameOurShip campaign that led to Boaty McBoatface was conceived and managed by Cardiff ideas agency, Blue Stag?

With this rebranding, we’re hopeful that the improved attention on the Cardiff tech cluster will help us shine a light on the great startups here, and help us take our rightful place alongside

San Francisco, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Neil Cocker, co-founder Cardiff Start, and CEO of