About Day Glow

Day Glow is an exciting new LED lighting product that can change the ordinary into the extraordinary at the flick of a switch. It creates lighting to mirror natural daylight, adaptable to individual requirements and also stunning multicolour effects.

Unlike other LED lighting products available Day Glow has a unique selling point in that it is wired into existing household lighting circuits. It can be teamed up with LED strips, bulbs or panels. Once installed and configured, using an IOS or Android mobile device all that is need to operate the system is a normal wall switch, meaning it is independent of internet/wifi access.

Day Glow is the brainchild of Stephen Hicks, a programmer by trade, who always wanted to do more with household lighting but found nothing on the market to tick his boxes. So he set about inventing something more adventurous, something that was functional and practical but at the same time could produce the wow factor.