We founded Sonovate in 2012 to answer the recruitment industry’s growing frustration with running and financing contractors.

For over two decades agencies have had little alternative but to seek ‘invoice finance’ from banks, the same outdated modus for funding their contractors. It worked, but with a host of headaches and barriers that became second nature to running contractors.

With over 25 years experience in the field as recruiters, we imagined the ideal way we would finance and run contractors and then set about making it a reality.

Our belief was that providing finance simply wasn’t enough, and that half the headaches of running contractors was because of all the admin involved in processing timesheets, paying contractors and invoicing clients.

Which is why we set-up a platform in addition to providing finance, to remove all the contract admin for agencies.

Agencies can now enjoy fluid cashflow with a back-office to revolutionise the way they run their contractors.

Sonovate offers a unique way to run contractors – everything from funding through to credit control and timesheets is provided giving agencies complete complete control over their contract business.