We created for the gamers. Now our families and friends can search for cool gifts from our favorite game franchises and we will never have to act excited to receive a pair of socks and a deodorant box set ever again!


We build software to help organisations optimise their energy use.

Big Lemon

We’re Big Lemon 👋 We solve business problems with original creativity and clever technology. We focus on deliverables, putting your goals and ambitions first. We offer a range of services that keep your digital presence at the cutting edge, from app development to building bots to website builds.

Intelli-plan Software

Delivering methods and software for dynamic modelling. Business planning, logistics, capacity and delivery systems all included. Make the best decisions, develop capable processes, be clear with cash flows, plan for risks and uncertainty!

SmallSpark Space Systems

Cardiff based startup working on developing vertical launch systems to provide the ability for the United Kingdom to effectively, reliably and affordably deliver satellites into orbit from the planned major UK vertical launch spaceports. We are currently in the process of designing our first vehicle, the Frost 1, powered by our in-house designed Hunter engine…

Bond Digital Health Ltd

Bond Digital Health is a software consultancy developing bespoke “App & Cloud” digital solutions, for innovators in the Life Sciences sector. Our digital tools enable developers of POC tests, diagnostics, biosensors and wearable tech to collect and manage their valuable data, so that they can refine it for clinical, scientific and commercial gain. We also…

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