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Learnium was designed to enrich the learning experience by enabling effective online collaboration within and between educational institutions. This cloud-hosted platform complements existing Virtual Learning Environments (or is used as a standalone platform) by giving users familiar, social ways to communicate and share digital resources in secure online communities.

Digital Profile


A new tech startup based in Cardiff where digital professionals meet awesome companies. A platform where recruiters are excluded.



Echosec helps professionals in a number of areas including law enforcement, corporate security, investigations, and Brand engagement to get actionable knowledge in real time from their aggregated social media and specialised content feeds. Users make complex location based searches with only a click (or two) from the easy-to-use interface to access location based meta-data in…



We are uncovering better ways of interacting between development and operations, by doing it and helping others do it too.

Enjovia Limited


Purposely built for luxury hotels and restaurants, Enjovia offers clients a secure custom website from which to sell monetary, spa, dining, accommodation and other experience gift vouchers, event tickets and merchandise.



We founded Sonovate in 2012 to answer the recruitment industry’s growing frustration with running and financing contractors. For over two decades agencies have had little alternative but to seek ‘invoice finance’ from banks, the same outdated modus for funding their contractors. It worked, but with a host of headaches and barriers that became second nature…

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