Swansea-based Veeqo acquires London shipping start-up

Veeqo, an inventory management platform, has acquired London-based shipping start-up ParcelBright to aid its goal of making things easier for online sellers.

ParcelBright simplifies parcel delivery with its proprietary technology which manages the APIs of multiple shipping companies within one app. It’s also capable of handling advanced billing and invoicing.

For Veeqo and its customers, the acquisition means quicker, cheaper shipping and an expansion of delivery options. It’ll merge ParcelBright’s service and software into its platform to further improve online sellers’ productivity.

The company’s founders, Daniel Lipinski and Carlos Vilhena, will act as expert advisors to Veeqo as part of the deal. They’ll support the Welsh firm both commercially and technically to build on its market lead.

Veeqo, which is headquartered in Swansea, launched in early 2013 and has so far raised over £1 million through crowdfunding website Seedrs. It continues to grow rapidly, having recently secured an office in New York.

The platform lets online retailers manage their stock from one place and sync it between their website, eBay Shop and Amazon Marketplace in real-time.

Matt Warren, founder and CEO of Veeqo, said: “I am really excited that we have been able to complete this deal, Daniel and Carlos have built a fantastic company which when merged with Veeqo will enable our customer to not only save time but also save money when shipping their orders

“Together it will be the largest parcel delivery platform in the U.K. based on its user base and service offering.”