Tech entreprenuer launches software development outsourcing firm

Seasoned tech entrepreneur Elliot Thomas has launched a software outsourcing agency to help fast-growth firms expand their development teams.

Clockers, which is based in Cardiff, allows technology companies to employ high-quality software developers from around the world. It’ll be starting with Ukraine.

Elliot, who has created a plethora of software firms in the past, describes Clockers as a services business that helps companies with “a specific project they need completed or an area of their platform that needs attention”.

Through the company, clients are able to set up temporary contract teams to get work completed quickly. Elliot explained: “Many companies only need extra people to help deliver projects to hit a deadline for a small period of time.”

Clockers essentially hooks tech companies up with experienced tech professionals. “This prevents firms having to go through the whole hiring process, which can not only hinder delivery deadlines,” said Elliot.

He decided to set up Clockers after running his own tech firms and struggling to hire the right developers to complete quick projects. “I could post a job advert looking for a specific type of software developer and I could wait up to 3 months before hearing from someone,” said the entrepreneur.

“I’m trying to solve this problem for other tech companies by offering them the complete, safest route to outsourcing. We are unique because we have a small team in Cardiff and add the in-person, human element to outsourcing.”

Despite only just launching, the company has already partnered with ten Ukraine-based software agencies. These give Clockers access to more than 1000 highly skilled developers who have years of experience under their belt.

Elliot added: “We have built Clockers in complete incognito mode while we tested out many different aspects of the business and try to find exactly where our value is, the best way to offer our services and also the best way to position ourselves in the market.

“We have now completed our first load of projects with clients and are confident that the business is in a great position to scale. The reaction from clients and potential clients has been outstanding, exactly what we were hoping for while we prepare to scale the business.”