Tech growth specialist launches niche marketing and performance business

A former high-level sales and marketing manager with extensive experience supporting technology firms has launched a new business to accelerate the growth of SMEs.

Based in Cardiff, Gemma Angharad has set up her own consultancy after spending 15 years working with SMEs, retail chains and a range of global brands in the telecoms, hearing aid and IT sectors.

Gemma is intent on exploding the potential in Welsh businesses. She said:  “The purpose of the business is to provide SMEs with a robust strategy to create competitive advantage and stabilise future growth.

“South Wales is the best place I have ever worked for real life, human business interactions. After working in both public and private sector businesses on a local and global scale, my relentless attitude to building businesses with indestructible foundations is seeing me work with some well established and emerging Welsh talent.”

She’s previously held senior roles at Swiss firm Phonak, Danish business Widex and for large-scale global manufacturers in the UK and Europe, as well as a Cardiff based telecoms firm. Her specific remit has been assisting them in their fight to reach their potential.

Speaking of her experience, Gemma said: “I’ve worked for businesses of various sizes for 15 years and the challenge is always implementing consistent strategies that encourage growth.

“From managing sales teams to devising KPI’s for directors; the key to success is finding the formula to growth and identifying the process that sustains it.”

Gemma continued: “I’ve consulted alongside my salaried roles for a number of years, so I am incredibly excited to be in a position where I can offer my expertise on a full-time basis.”