Techniquest launches nostalgic ‘Generation Games’ exhibition

Techniquest is to showcase all the game consoles created since 1972 at a new temporary launching this month.

Unveiled as part of a wider games history theme, the ‘Generation Games’ exhibition will let visitors play with some of the most iconic games – including Tetris on an original 1990s Game Boy, Tomb Raider and experience virtual reality.

Divided into eight sections and running until June 23, it allows avid gamers to learn about old-school consoles and experience games no longer available to purchase.

Lesley Kirkpatrick, CEO of Techniquest, said: “I’m absolutely thrilled to have Samuel’s collection here on display.

“I encourage visitors young and old to come along and immerse themselves in the history of gaming. There’s a real feeling of nostalgia with some of the more iconic games; just hearing some of the sounds and music will evoke family-filled memories from yesteryear.”

Created by local collector Samuel Anstee, the exhibition will include every console launched in the UK over the past 47 years.

Techniquest said the collection will also include a rare Odyssey “which was made during the first two-week manufacturing run in the US; the model didn’t reach the UK until the following year”.

Andrew Deathe, from the Federation of Museums and Art Galleries of Wales, added: “One thing that you realise hasn’t changed is the storyline for many games.

“Even the very simple ones feature elements where one person is trying to blast another, shooting aliens or trying to beat your opponent at a sport like tennis. But now the technology has caught up and is able to give us so much more.

“I know Samuel sees virtual reality as finally giving him the opportunity to be part of the action – the games are at last able to live up to that promise.”