Techniquest teams up with extreme environment athlete Richard Parks

Extreme environment athlete and television presenter Richard Parks has become educational charity Techniquest’s new ambassador.

The former Wales international rugby player will use his record expeditions to inspire youngsters to learn more about science at Techniquest.

Over the past decade, Richard has embarked on a plethora of world-first expeditions in the furthest corners of the planet. He was also the first person to climb the highest mountain on every continent.

Alongside his expeditions, he’s been using his experiences to encourage students and organisations to develop adventurous mindsets and critical thinking skills.

Speaking about the importance of science learning, Parks said: “Pioneering science and research are critical to the success and safety of my expeditions.

“Whether it’s using state-of-the-art facilities and working with scientific experts in order to push the boundaries of human performance or developing bespoke gear capable of operating in hostile environments.”

At Technoquest, his role will be to front its new individual giving fundraising campaign, which is an attempt to raise £5 million to turn the existing centre into a STEM hub.

Richard added: “I’m delighted to be partnering with Techniquest at this exciting time as it embarks on its Science Capital project and launches its new individual giving campaign.

“I have many fond memories getting lost in the wonder of Techniquest growing up on school visits and also even more recently as a grown up.

“Living just a stone’s throw away, I’m proud to be working with such a pioneering organisation serving both Wales and my community here in Cardiff Bay.”

Lesley Kirkpatrick, CEO of Techniquest, said: “The latest science innovation underpins Richard’s expeditions, so he understands the importance of our work and it’s obvious he shares our passion to inspire and empower young and older through science.

“We have ambitious plans to expand our science discovery centre and diversify our audience base through our new project – The Science Capital.

“Techniquest is known as a great venue for school trips and a place to take young children, but we want to be known as a great venue, no matter what your age.

“Our plans will see us extend our offering, making science accessible to all and inspiring the public to think differently about STEM.”