Those who teach online and do so profitably

Before we get comfy, I’d like you to think of someone vividly influential on you as you grew up. If you’re like two out of three people who answer this question in workshops, you’ll name a teacher.

Now, traditionally, we Welsh are regarded as a nation of teachers and preachers, and I’d like to suggest we’re in a potentially lucrative era to revive this idea – in the context of online teaching.

That old platitude ‘Those who can’t, teach’ has always seemed a bit silly to me. When you’re truly on top of your game, being able to communicate how you play effectively to hungry minds testifies further to your status. 

Really, learning is about interaction with feedback and fun, and you’re able to have a field day online. Check out singing teacher, Felicia Ricci, code and many-other-subject teacher Bucky Roberts, and history teacher Keith Hughes (must have Welsh origins) to see what I mean…

Felicia is especially relevant here because she combines her free content with a paid-for-versionwhich has enabled her to become a full-time online teacher.

Like many other sectors, the web is disrupting traditional forms of education, even though to date – and only to date – the the awarding status of universities is still respected. 

However, Skype, Google Hangouts and apps like Slack mean that many of the social aspects of learning live can be replicated online. Flipped classrooms, edtech, edutainment and immersive education are all powerful ideas, gaining interest and hold.

Two of these successful web teachers are from the UK. Rob Percival is a web developer and former maths teacher based in Cambridge, and he crowdsources some of his courses and has become a millionaire from his 189,000 + students. 72 year-old Len Smith, a copywriter from Harrogate, earns a healthy amount from his online courses for small businesses.

Both these teachers and Felicia teach on Udemy, a San Franciso start-up platform, opening an office in Dublin, recently, too. I’ve put courses I’ve run for Software Alliance Wales and others there, and while my income is small, it’s thrilling that students come from an incredible 64 countries.

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Philippa is a business psychologist and edits at FYI Network. She tweets on @philippada

Image credit: Jeff Pioquinto/Flickr