Torfaen app developers want to link local services and suppliers with residents

A team of technology professionals from Pontypool have developed an app to link local services and suppliers with residents.

In November 2018, marketing expert Michael O’Neill, electrical engineer Dave Smith and software developer Stuart Arthur teamed up to form Uddr.

They want to help residents order and pay securely for local services through a cost-effective, safe and easy-to-use mobile e-commerce platform. The three are currently on the lookout for local services and products to list on the app prior to its official launch.

Michael said: “The possibility of making a positive impact on our local community here in Torfaen and helping smaller businesses grow was the driving force behind starting the business.

“Uddr bridges the technology gap for local businesses to make them more accessible to the general public, integrate them with our smart technology and open up a whole new customer base. We aim to bring local services back to the heart of the community when we launch in a few weeks.”

With the app, local people will be able to book what they require and when in four steps: enter a postcode, select products and services, place an order, and receive products and services

Since establishing the business less than six months ago, Uddr has enlisted a range of local businesses to use the service – including domestic cleaning services, mobile hairdressing and boiler servicing.

The team said they’re on a mission to” offer customers a truly diverse range of services and products across all sectors, all provided by local and trusted businesses”.

Shaun Luxton, owner of Complete Clean, said: “I am excited to be the first Carpet Cleaner on Uddr in Torfaen.

“The Uddr app will provide a simple way for new and existing customers to access Complete Clean services in a faster and more efficient way and as a business we will receive secure and easy payments for our work.”

Dave added: “We’re really encouraged by the services, products and businesses that are already registering to be on the app. We are keen to hear from anyone who runs a local business.

“If you would like to find out more about how to become an Uddr partner and have your own place on Uddr (or know someone in business who may be interested), just get in touch and we can guide you through the simple steps you need to take.”