Welsh flag emoji lands on Twitter and mobile devices

After years of campaigning and many requests from technology users, a new national emoji for Wales is finally landing on Twitter and mobile devices.

In March 2016, Jeremy Burge of Emojipedia and BBC Wales social media lead Owen Williams launched a campaign to get national emojis developed for Scotland, Wales and England.

Their campaign was a success, and computer text and character authority Unicode has announced plans to add these three flags to its next major emoji release.

When these emojis are released, technology companies such as Apple and Google will be able to include them in their mobile platforms for use by consumers.

Burge explained to the BBC that anybody with a Twitter account will be able to use these emojis and that he expects to see other major platforms adopt them by the end of the year.

“The Welsh flag is a great flag. I know I usually end up using the dragon emoji when talking about Wales, so it’s a big improvement,” Burge told the BBC.

“My grandparents in particular will be very pleased being Welsh and huge emoji users.”

Gareth Jones, CEO of Caerphilly-based innovation centre and start-up incubator Welsh ICE, said this new emoji will help Welsh businesses stand out internationally.

“The Welsh emoji is great news for Welsh businesses who want to use the value of the brand to stand out in the market, and hopefully highlight some of the businesses active in Wales that perhaps people weren’t aware of,” he said.

“It also allows quicker searches by searching for the emoji, so the conversations on important topics online can build and build.”