Wales secures £3.7 million of EU funding to boost technology research

Wales has secured £3.7 million of EU funding to build a world-class research network and help industries leverage the power of cutting-edge technology.

The funding will support the £5.8 million Centre for Photonics Expertise project, which will bring together experts from across the country to research technologies such as lasers, sensors and fibre-optics.

It’s being led by Glyndwr University in partnership with South Wales, Bangor and Aberystwyth universities. Over the next three years, they’ll work closely with businesses in sectors like manufacturing, healthcare, telecommunications, energy and agriculture.

Announcing the funding, Finance Secretary Drakeford said: “It is vital Welsh industry has access to the knowledge and expertise in our highly-acclaimed universities so we can drive innovation and put Wales on a global platform for success.

“This investment highlights the importance of securing replacement funding from the UK Government to support growth and jobs in Wales following our exit from the EU.”

Photonics is an area of science that uses light to generate energy, detect or transmit information and other forms of radiant energy – and will form a big part of emerging technolgy.

Caroline Gray, director of Wrexham Glyndwr University’s OpTIC Technology Centre, said: “We are delighted to receive this funding and to be leading the project with our partners and other sectors in West Wales and the Valleys.

“The centre will bring together all areas of academic expertise across photonics technology, helping industry develop the next generation of processes and products while boosting business growth and efficiency for the Welsh economy and future generations.”