Welsh accounting tool honoured in annual Creativepool Awards

TAXO’D, which is one of the most popular accounting tools in the UK, has been named ‘best application’ in the annual Creativepool Awards.

The awards aim to celebrate the success of creative businesses and talent from around the globe that use the Creativepool platform, as well as the creative industry as a whole.

This year, there were a total of 33 categories, covering areas such as music, illustration, advertising, film, digital, branding, post production, web and typography.

Working with industry judges from 22 countries, Creativepool’s mission has been to bring together a global and diverse group to recognise creative talent around the world.

More than 20,000 people had the opportunity to vote in the 2017 awards, and TAX’OD was a popular candidate among digital and technology specialists.

The Cardiff-based company, which launched in January 2014, lets you manage your business transactions on the go and shows you how much tax you owe in real-time.

It’s also the only tool in the UK that’s been designed solely for freelancers. The app files tax returns directly to HMRC, meaning you can save money on hiring an accountant.

Speaking to Tech Dragons, the start-up’s founder Dave Legion said: “When I first started out as freelance designer back in 2010, I had no idea what it was I needed to track, when to file and who to turn to for help.

“TAXO’D is a result of years of frustration I’ve faced personally as a freelancer. I’m proud to say TAXO’D is now a multi-award winning start-up and accounting tool.

“Reaching the semi-finals of pitch to Rich(ard Branson), 2015, Finalist for Welsh start up of the year, 2016 and winner ‘Best Application’ at this creativepools awards 2017.”

Dave explained that this award cements the UX prowess of his app. “As a designer, it’s great that TAXO’D has been recognised for its unique design and user experience and the problem it solves for freelancers,” he said.

“Creativepool have one of the largest freelance communities in the UK, which is what makes winning this award a particularly special one.

“TAXO’D, along with all category winners, have their work published in the 15,000 beautifully bound books and distributed to the top creative companies all over the world.

“And because we’ve just rolled into the new tax year, there’s no better time for freelancers to take charge of their business finances from the word go. TAXO’D is designed to help you do exactly that.”