Welsh cyber protection specialist sees team numbers soar

CJCH Consulting, a software compliance firm based in Cardiff, has seen its team grow from six to 65 in just five years.

The firm, which is helping recover millions for at-risk businesses worldwide, is celebrating after experiencing growth across its team and client base.

This includes the appointment of renowned licence compliance expert Andy Clarkson, former global head of anti-piracy and licence compliance for Dassault Systems, as well as former Metropolitan Police fraud specialist Antony Crampton.

In the past year, CJCH Consulting has recovered €36 million of funds for its clients – increasing from €13 million in 2015. Thanks to this rapid growth, the firm has expanded its operations to include research, training, IT investigations, business intelligence, and artificial intelligence departments.

Head of consultancy Stephen Clarke said he was extremely proud and attributed the impressive results to his talented teams and “mutual trust between ourselves and our clients”.

He said: “As head of the consultancy program and having been involved from its origins I am extremely pleased at the significant growth that has taken place and how quickly success has been achieved

“The key to this has been flexibility in approach, and an attitude and willingness to appreciate that in order to succeed every party has to feel that they have come out of it with a good deal.

“This coupled with the increased awareness by businesses of the potential from a well-run licence compliance program has led to our growth and success.

“I believe the benefit of having a well-trained and enthusiastic staff coupled with mutual trust between ourselves and our clients has been the core to our growth and success and we look forward to seeing what the future brings.”