Welsh edtech firm chosen to pitch at Gamescom

A Welsh tech firm that produces bilingual resources for the primary education sector has been selected to pitch to leading industry figures at Gamescom in Cologne later this month.

The Flitwits, founded by writer Eiry Thomas, is among five international winners set to showcase their projects and business models to developers, producers and licensing experts at the gaming event.

It’s affiliated with the Frankfurt Book Fair, and the competition winners will make their pitches on August 17th to mark Licensing Day. For the rest of the following four days, the businesses will have the opportunity to network.

Based in Cardiff, the firm creates and publishes educational resources promoting the Welsh language. They consist of a series of apps, print books, e-books, audio books and games, and are supported by the Welsh Government.

The apps, titled The Flitlits/ Y Sbridion, offer Welsh, UK English and US English first language editions, and the print books have been commissioned Suffolk-based John Catt Educational Publishing. There are resources for the blind, too.

A number of publishers and concept creators entered the competition, although only five were chosen to speak at the event. They were required to outline three reasons why their projects would be relevant and of interest to the gaming industry.

She told Tech Dragons: “I’m finding it difficult as a small, bilingual business to find outlets for my creative endeavours in Wales, but I’m working towards that aim through compiling my materials for multiple platforms.

“Having my work recognised at such a competitive level inspires me to keep doing what I’m doing and to make the most of opportunities such as this when they arise. I’m delighted, of course.”

Eiry set up the firm in 2012, after taking part on a publishing course and being shortlisted in an international competition. She believes the event is an opportunity for her to create more interest in her games and explore licensing agreements.

“Compiling the multiple strands of multi-lingual; multi-platform projects amounts to long term goals and hard work. I hope to secure interest at Gamescom for both games creation and the licensing of my concepts, that include second language products,” she added.