Welsh entrepreneurs launch online platform for vegans

Owen Jandrell and Katie Cubbage, two young entrepreneurs from Cardiff, have launched an online platform where vegans can find the best supplements.

24-year-old Jandrell and his partner have launched Plant Based Performance in a bid to help vegans find and purchase products that don’t contain animal ingredients.

According to statistics from the Vegan Society, there are more than 500,000 vegans living in the UK, and this is one of the fastest growing lifestyle trends.

Currently based in Cardiff, both founders happen to vegans themselves and decided to launch their own website due to a lack of protein vegan options available in the UK.

Although there are a plenty of businesses that supply vegan products in the UK, there aren’t as many supplement companies that offer vegan options exclusively.

The website, which is now live, provides vegans with products, recipes, health tips and news of the vegan food market. It hopes to become a leader in the industry.

Owen Jandrell, speaking after the launch, said: “We’re very excited to be able to officially announce the launch of Plant Based Performance as it’s been a long time in the making.

“Supplying products that are cruelty free is important to me and I’m keen to make people aware that the are other alternatives out there to animal-based proteins that can be just as healthy for you.”

Jandrell has ambitious plans for his new business. He wants it to be a place where vegans all across the UK can go to find out information about the best products.

“In time, I want Plant Based Performance to become the go-to website for vegans whether they’re athletes or if they’re individuals who want to introduce more protein into their diet,” he said.

“My overall goal is to create a brand which customers can trust with the complete confidence that our products will contain no animal product ingredients. Personally I felt like this was the right time to launch a business and Cardiff is the perfect base to establish our business.”