Welsh fibre broadband pioneer launches new tech firm

Seasoned technology entrepreneur Elfed Thomas, from Conwy in North Wales, has launched a new tech firm to roll out pure fibre connectivity across the UK.

The Welsh businessman, who founded the I3 Group, has finally opened British Fibre Networks. It’s on a mission to bring high-speed internet to new build homes across the country.

Based in Manchester, the business aims to offer broadband capacity of 1GB speeds to new homeowners. Currently, the national average is just 16.51Mbps.

British Fibre Networks, according to Elfed, is the UK’s first infrastructure company to bring pure fibre to recently built homes in urban and rural areas.

Having formed partnerships with housing builders and developers, the firm said it’ll install “pure fibre aggregator portals” in new homes to let them connect to more fibre networks.

The business is also in discussions with a price comparison site to “provide a unique platform to manage and offer the choice of ISP to customers”, helping them save costs.

“British Fibre Networks believes the combination of speed, capacity and choice will make it a compelling alternative for house builders and homeowners alike, which surpasses the broadband requirements set by government policy,” explained the firm.

Over the years, Elfed has become a leader in the fibre infrastructure market. He’s the founder and CEO of the i3 Group, which delivered the UK’s first and largest fibre-to-home network.

Speaking about his new venture, he said: “Clearly there are a number of well-financed ISP entrants into the market. We ensure new homes have the fibre infrastructure which can connect with this growing choice of fibre networks.

“Choice and capacity to the customer is vital for a competitive platform. For too long, new homeowners and builders have been subject to a monopolistic offer, which is overpriced and never installed in time for when the customer moves in.”

His new company is building a strategy that’ll transform UK housing and provide a “future-proof platform for the next generation”. The firm also wants to enhance productivity throughout the country.

Elfed added that his company aims to connect pure fibre to over 35 per cent of new homes by 2021. “British Fibre Networks aims to address this and create a model that breaks up the monopoly of BT,” he said.

“Working with developers, we will deliver superior connectivity and choice to new homeowners, many of whom have previously been quoted extortionate prices for access to a patchwork copper/fibre network.

“It will add value for house builders, who can now offer a home with pure fibre connectivity and choice.”