Welsh fintech entrepreneur launches tool to tackle child cyberbullying

Welsh entrepreneur James Blake has launched a new monitoring tool that reveals who children talk to online in a bid to tackle cyberbullying.

OnlineThem is aimed at helping parents find out if their children are being bullied online, coinciding with Anti-Bullying Month.

Parents using the tool subscribe to a monthly report and access a dashboard that functions as a real-time monitor and warning system of risks to their children when online.

As well as this, they can find out if their child is engaging in cyberbullying, is conversing in an adult nature and if they’re friends with people who don’t match up in their real life.

It’s the brainchild of the founders of HelloSoda, a fintech company whose technology gave them an insight into the amount of personal information people were revealing online.

Commenting on the launch of the OnlineThem, Founder and CEO James Blake said: “Watching our own children take fledgling steps into a digital world, we wanted to know more about what they were being exposed to online.

“At the same time, we knew controlling children’s every move online was not the answer, so we created a parental intelligence tool to encourage families to work collaboratively and distinguish what is and isn’t appropriate behaviour online. We don’t believe in spying on your children but we do believe in digital parenting and protecting children and the OnlineThem helps parents do just this.”

Alongside the launch of OnlineThem, the team has teamed up with cyberbullying charity The Cybersmile Foundation so that £1 from each sign up to the service is donated to the foundation. They’ll also be working on research together.

Dan Raisbeck, who co-founded the Cybersmile Foundation after his own child was cyberbullied, said: “We are delighted that the OnlineThem have chosen to support Cybersmile. It’s so important that parents are given the tools to help keep their families safe online.

“This partnership will help us to provide more support for victims and their families as well as carry out important research that will enable us to provide further insights and support strategies for cyberbullying and digital abuse.”