Welsh friends develop smartphone game

A group of friends have launched a video game they’ve been developing for the last twelve months.

Iggy’s Zombie A-Pug-Alypse, which is free to download on Android, is a top-down puzzle game where players guide a pug through a mansion full of zombies.

The game’s narrative is based on a pug called Iggy that lives in a mansion with a duchess. One day, he awakes to find that the mansion is infected with zombies and Bianca is missing.

A user’s job is to reunite the pug hero with the duchess. Overall, there are 70 action-packed levels to get through, and on the journey, gamers can collect “ups” and “stars” to progress even further.

The idea began 18 months ago, when long-time tech professional Tom O’Brien and diehard gamer Sean Ellis decided they wanted to develop their own title and release it to the world.

They later teamed up with computer programmer Daniel Lewis, artist Joe Davies, sound engineer Paul Tristram and computer science graduate Gwion Davies to turn the idea into a reality.

Speaking to Tech Dragons, Tom said: “I’ve been working in the tech scene in Swansea for over 10 years and a challenge like this was too exciting to pass up.

“My main focus has been managing and developing the project and I’m also responsible for all the animation in the game.

“Sean has a healthy obsession with gaming and the industry as a whole. He’s been right beside me driving the project forward and as the lead designer for the game.

“He built all of the puzzles and provided direction and guidance in every aspect of the game. Only a few months into the project and Sean already knew he wanted to pursue this as a career, so he enlisted on the game design course at Swansea Met.”

Now that the game is available on Android, Tom and his team have turned their attention to developing an app for iOS, Nintendo DS and PlayStation Vita. They’ll also be introducing new features.
Talking about the development phase, Tom said: “Using a host of free software available, this game has cost us nothing but hard work and time to create.
“We want to share our story and hopefully inspire others to give it a go as well and offer any advice we can along the way.”
He added: “Since starting this project we have become active members in the game development community in South Wales and we all want to help it grow and develop.
“We’d like to continue making games, drawing on local talent in Wales and bringing like minded people together. This is just the start of our journey and we’re super excited to see what the future holds.”