Welsh hotelier launches tech start-up to transform the hotel industry

A Welsh hotelier of eight years has launched a tech start-up in Swansea to transform the hotel industry.

Evan Davies, who grew up in his family’s small hotel, is the founder of The Booking Factory – a cloud-based platform for independent hotels and B&Bs to simplify hotel management and marketing.

He’s been working on the platform for over a year, after looking for tools that allow smaller hotels to manage bookings and marketing but finding nothing out there.

Using the cloud-based system, hotel owners and staff are able to manage their bookings, market their business online and increase revenue as a result.

What’s also beneficial is the fact that hotels don’t need to spend huge sums on products designed for larger hotels that are expensive and hard to use. Essentially, smaller hotels have the chance to automate their marketing affordably.

Evan Davies, founder and CEO of The Booking Factory, said: “Hoteliers are busy people, and their job is 7 days a week from early till late. We want to make it easier and more affordable to do their own in-house digital marketing without hiring extra staff.

“To make it worse, they’re working against the best marketing machines on the planet such as booking.com and Expedia. Hotels are finding up to 80% of their bookings are being generated by these large booking websites with a commission tag of 15%-25%.”

The start-up is currently in the process of setting up a beta programme so that hotels can test the tools in real-life situations. It hopes to get its first batch hotels on board in November.

Evan added: “We are working closely with a few hotels in the area who are keen to get to use the new system, Our beta program still has a few spaces left for anyone still interested in joining.”