Welsh production company picked up by Amazon

Welsh production company GreenNova is celebrating after one of its TV series was picked up by technology giant Amazon for its video streaming service Prime.

The Caerphilly-based business co-produced ‘Spirit Breaker” with FunClamp Productions, which is headquartered in Cardiff.  This is GreenNova’s first venture into television.

Christopher Deakin-Eades, managing director of GreenNova Productions, said being accepted onto Amazon’s video streaming platform is a big opportunity for his company.

“We were approached earlier in the year by FunClamp production who headed up the project. With the team having already had one show on Amazon, we jumped at the chance to work with them,” he said.

“We knew it was going to be a lot of work; previously our largest project had been a music video for the band Himalayas, who only needed a crew of 10 people. Spirit Breaker had a crew of around 30.

He explained that production of the show is almost complete. “We are still putting in the finishing touches – things such as colour grading and post-production sound The series is also being subtitled at the moment,” said Christopher.

“We are also previewing episodes to a small audience to get feedback, one of which was a test screening for our fellow entrepreneurs at ICE.”

Dan Summers, writer and director at FunClamp Productions, said he’s looking forward to seeing the show made available across the world. It comes out this month.

Speaking about the news, he said: “The team at GreenNova were instrumental in delivering a great product with an extremely tight schedule and limited budget.

“We were able to collectively create a faithful blueprint for Spirit Breaker and the world Dave lives in, and I’m excited to get started soon on shooting the remaining episodes later this year.”

GreenNova Productions is currently based at the Welsh ICE Campus and took part in its Space Programme. The latter provides support such as office space, a tailored mentoring programme and high-speed broadband access.

Jamie McGowan, director of the Campus, said GreenNova’s success is “a testament to what can be achieved when start-ups are given the right kind of support”.

He said: “We are all proud of the GreenNova team and are excited to see their work streamed on television screens across the country. Chris and his team joined ICE just over a year ago and it’s been a pleasure to have supported them as they grow into such an exciting and vibrant young company.

“The ICE Space Programme is open to applicants now, and we would encourage anyone running or thinking of starting a business to get in touch. I can’t wait to meet all the new people who will be supported by ICE and see them flourish, just like GreenNova.”

Christopher added: “The support we’ve had at ICE has been invaluable, having a professional space to work and being part of the Campus community has opened a lot of opportunities for us, and we are very excited for our future projects, including our own short and feature films made right here in Caerphilly.”