Welsh start-up picks up national innovative tech award

Talkative, a tech start-up that creates software to help companies communicate more effectively, has picked up a national tech award.

The firm, which launched in 2015, has been named ‘most innovative technology’ at the Britannic Convergence Summit ahead of Mitel, Microsoft and Avaya.

It took place in Manchester at the start of the month and brought together delegates from the British tech industry working on communication technologies.

Based in Cardiff, the company creates a range of telephony and communication products for businesses, as well as a real-time analytics platform for text-chat, voice, video and co-browsing interactions.

Felix Winstone, who leads business development at the company, said: “The award is great validation of the product concept, especially from the voters in the IT and Customer Contact industries.

“The technical team has put a lot of work into the product, so it is good they are getting the recognition they deserve. Our company provides the software service to companies in the retail, travel and financial services sectors.”

This news comes as the company has just launched a new webcalling feature to enable better communication between consumers and contact companies.

Using the software, companies can integrate phone call functionalities into their websites and apps. With it, customers can get in touch with companies without having to take down a number.

Felix added: “Webcalling is a new way for consumers to contact companies. It allows voice calls from the company’s website/app into their contact centre. As a customer, just one click is needed, with no plugins, downloads or login required.

“You don’t need a phone, since webcalling uses the native capability of the browser. Calls are picked up by the contact centre’s existing telephony systems. Contact centre agents can see where calls have come from, and can assist the customer around the website.”