Welsh Twitter analytics tool to be showcased at Web Summit

Twitter analytics tool Tweview, developed by Welsh digital agency Coup Media, is to be showcased at Web Summit next month.

The tool is capable of measuring tweets and other social media data to rank products and services. It currently scores movie opening weekends so distributors can bring forward or delay releases.

Web Summit, which is Europe’s largest tech conference, will attract an estimated 30,000 people over three days. The Tweview team will show off the tool and meet with investors and journalists.

Paul Shepherd, founder of Tweview and Coup Media, said: “The aim of heading to Dublin is to meet journalists, investors and like-minded tech entrepreneurs.

“We hope to open up discussions about our next funding round which will help us to expand our data team. You never really know what you’ll run into in Dublin. Uber raised around $14m in a pub a few years back (so the story goes)! A fraction of that would be fine for now.

“It’s important for us, a tech start-up, to be among the biggest, best and most ambitious companies in the World and that’s what Web Summit is all about – 3 days and nights of meetings, interviews, networking… and parties.”