Caerphilly-based data engineering firm launches club membership platform

Datris, a data engineering firm based in Caerphilly, has launched a bilingual customer membership platform to help organisations communicate effectively.

Clubetter is targeted at grassroots clubs, societies, communities and professional groups looking for a way to improve the flow of information among stakeholders.

It was created by Dave Taylor, former engineering manager at General Dynamics; Jeremy North; formerly of Nokia and currently lead software architect at the WJEC; and Dafydd Davies, former chief executive of BIC Innovation.

Taylor, founding director of Datris, said:  “We wanted to create a membership platform that would do what it says on the tin – make your club better.

“And as a Welsh business, of course it was important for Clubetter to be the first fully bilingual membership app. Using the Clubetter app means that those running the organisations can get on with what they do best, working with their members rather than on time-sapping administration.”

Although the app is still in the early stages, Dave and his team are already in talks with a range of clubs, faith groups, social enterprises and community councils about how the platform can help with organisation, communication and payment.

Dave explained: “Our vision for Clubetter is that it will be the go-to app for any membership organisation that wants to operate more effectively, with better members engagement and increase revenues. Clubetter also will help them comply with data regulations, as all information is stored safely and securely.

“In Wales alone there are 35,000 community groups, clubs and organisations and over 600,000 UK wide. Clubetter will also help them comply with data regulations, as all information is stored safely and securely with easy-to-use Dropbox-like functionality.

“It only takes 5 minutes to get your faith organisation set up on Clubetter and we have easy to understand explainer videos and direct support available to help you every step of the way. We look forward to making a real difference to local faith organisations.”