Cardiff School of Technologies opens

The Cardiff School of Technologies, which will recruit two thousand students by 2024, was formally launched at the Senedd last week.

Based at Cardiff Metropolitan University, the institution is aimed at supporting the needs of the Welsh technology sector. It’ll cover areas such as data science, cyber security, mobile computing, artificial intelligence and systems engineering.

Speaking to an audience of politicians, business partners and leaders, entrepreneurs, students and academics, Cardiff Met vice-chancellor Cara Aitchison said the school will accelerate the growth of Welsh tech.

“This new proposal has been developed following extensive research and consultation, and will have significant impact on the economy of the City and the wider Cardiff Capital Region,” she said.

“The proposed new school is focused on education, research, innovation and higher-level skills in digital media and smart technology, data science and informatics, and systems engineering and design technology.

“These are key sectors of national and international student demand, leading to highly paid graduate-level employment, and have been identified as having significant growth potential in south east Wales, the UK, and internationally.”

It will work with innovative businesses and entrepreneurs from across Wales to produce the technology workforce of the future. Newly appointed school dean Jon Platts said Cardiff is already pioneering research, expertise and multi-disciplinary innovation.

“The new school’s applied course portfolio will be driven by the demand of employers, will create 300 full time jobs within the School and support a further 1,500 roles in the wider Cardiff Capital Region,” he said.

“We will continue to work closely with the business community and industry leaders as we develop our vision for the school.

“We want to offer a broad curriculum of courses that address both core and multi-disciplinary skills but importantly addresses the whole individual to provide potential employees that will be highly sought after by an engaged community of employers.”