Decision-making platform Doopoll now available in Welsh and French

Doopoll, a platform that allows you to create online polls, is now available in Welsh and French versions.

Developed by Cardiff-based creative agency Small Joys, it’s aimed at helping people make sure every voice is heard in decision-making.

The platform, which launched last year, sports features such as rapid looping, live updates and cross browser availability. It was developed in just 4.5 days.

Marc Thomas, co-founder of Doopoll and Small Joys, managed to translate 75 per cent of the app into French before calling in translation firm Applingua to help with the rest.

The team says its aim is to turn Doopoll into the most accessible platform for decision-making in the world. It’ll do this by translating the app into more languages throughout the year.

Marc told Tech Dragons: “Our key aim with doopoll is to give people the ability to make sure every voice is heard in decision making. Voices come in many shapes and sizes: some speak one language, some speak another, some speak many and some speak none at all.

“And so making sure that it’s as easy as possible for people to communicate is our base level of evaluation when thinking about features.

He added: “Over the next few months, we’ll be adding a few really great features to work towards making doopoll the most accessible platform for decision making in the world.
“Part of that is ensuring that users can choose to use the platform in their own language or any language they choose. We have a list of languages that we’d like to translate the platform into and we’ll be adding those in stages so keep an eye out for updates.”