GlobalWelsh to open first city hub in London

Non-profit organisation GlobalWelsh, which is building a global diaspora network for Wales, is gearing up to launch its first city hub in central London.

The hub will be launched at Spotify’s UK office on February 28th. It’ll offer networking and mentorships opportunities for Welsh diaspora living in the city, and act as an intermediary for Welsh businesses looking to build trade links and find talent.

It’s believed that 300,000 Welsh diaspora currently live and work in the city, all of whom have built up incredible experience and knowledge that could help to put Wales on the map.

Led by tech entrepreneur Jason Smith, GlobalWelsh has already secured support from a range of organisations and experts based in London. They met at the inaugural GlobalWelsh Cwtch event in November.

Smith said: “As a previous CEO of a tech company based in Wales, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to trade in London; develop a network; find board advisors and raise capital so I am passionate about easing these challenges for other Welsh businesses.

 “GlobalWelsh London presents a fantastic opportunity to create a unique platform on which to forge meaningful connections, share knowledge and find and create opportunities both locally and globally. But most of all, the opportunity to reconnect and give back to Wales.”

GlobalWelsh is a grassroots, privately-funded community interest company that connects and engages Wales’ global diaspora network. Its aim is to grow the Welsh economy,

Walter May, CEO of GlobalWelsh, said:  “Launching our first city hub outside of Wales is an incredibly exciting first step towards our goal of having hubs in all major cities around the world and a key milestone in our plans to bring diaspora investment to Wales. 

“London is a Welsh expatriate powerhouse, financial capital of the world and most prosperous city in the UK and it’s practically on our doorstep.

“Many people will have left Wales to fulfil ambitions and will have gone on to do great things, we want to find and connect with them. In doing so, we hope that it will not only benefit them but also businesses, talent and the economy back in Wales.”