New app makes filing tax returns a piece of cake

A new app that makes filing tax returns easier has been developed in Wales.

TAXO’D is a simple, powerful accounting tool for freelancers and removes the guesswork when it comes to calculating tax bills.

It gives sole traders and small businesses an easy, affordable alternative to expensive accounting services that have been built mainly for enterprises.

The app was created by Pembrokeshire-based freelance designer Dave Legion, 36, and helps users build a clear picture of their profit and loss.

Users are able to record their business transactions on-the-go, while the app calculates the overall tax bill in real-time and files a return.

Dave developed the app over a four-year period after struggling to work with existing accountancy tools out there. He found that they failed his needs.

“I hated everything about the tax process,” Dave said.“I just wanted an easy way to stay in control of my finances, but there was no software that catered for me as a freelancer – they were all tailored to big businesses paying corporation tax.

“When you start a business you have to become an instant financial expert. Most freelancers don’t have that sort of knowledge – or time – and pay someone else to do it.

“I wanted to cater for the self-employed and to keep it as simple as possible for people to understand.”

The app, available on both Android and iOS, asks users a plethora of questions to build an accurate tax profile. It sports an easy-to-use UI that allows you to input incomings and outgoings quickly.

“With TAXO’D you just log your ins and outs and the app calculates how much tax you owe in real time,” said Dave.

“What’s more, when it’s time to file your tax return, TAXO’D can do it for you with a click of a button.

“It will help end the last-minute panic every 31 January when the self-assessment deadline looms,” he added. “With TAXO’D, tax is one less thing to worry about.”