Newport movie analytics platform to pilot at major film festival

Movie analytics platform Tweview has been selected to pilot at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, which is one of the biggest film events in the world.

Paul Shepherd, the founder of the platform, will represent the Newport-based start-up at the festival next week. During the event, he’ll have the chance to demonstrate and put Tweview to the test.

As well as this, Paul will also be meeting with the event organisers and a number of film distribution companies to talk about how social media correlates with box office takings.

The International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) takes place at end of January through to the beginning of February yearly, and has become one of the most important occasions in the film world.

Tweview has been in talks with the event organisers for a few months now and reached an agreement just two weeks ago. This comes as the firm commissioned a report three months ago which found that Film Festivals could prove fertile ground for early stage movie distribution analytics. 

The platform analyses social data around movies to help distributors understand the levels of anticipation prior to and after the release of a film. This data can be used to give a clearer direction to the marketing of a movie, which results in higher box office takings. 

Paul said: “It’s an amazing case study to add to Odeon and BBC3 as we look to establish ourselves in the entertainment analytics market. The concept has been a number of years in the making and we’ve had moderate successes but Tweview was always more of a side project for Coup Media my tech agency.
“It’s now taking on a life of its own, with dedicated developers and data scientists really driving the product at a rate of knots. To count IFFR (International Film Festival of Rotterdam) as one of our clients at this stage of our development is fantastic.”