Object Matrix secures £2 million in export orders

Object Matrix, a software company based in Cardiff, has secured more than £2 million in export orders from countries such as Brazil, Sweden and the United States.

Founded in 2003, the company is widely known for its digital content governance platform. MatrixStore provides firms with a way to store digital content in a protected environment.

The platform is suitable for organisations operating in any market, and it’s particularly popular among companies that create, manage and distribute digital video content.

The firm has worked with the likes of NBC Universal, France Televisions, Orange and EDF, which have used the platform to store content. It’s constantly singing new customers. 

Ken Skates, the economy secretary, congratulated the firm. “Object Matrix’s work to secure over £2m of trade from a wide range of international markets is real achievement.

“The Welsh Government has worked closely with Object Matrix, providing support and advice to help the company develop and grow the export arm of its business.

“Its continued success is a great example to others and shows that given the right advice and support, many businesses in Wales can successfully expand their operations by seeking to penetrate new markets.”

Nick Pearce-Tomenius, sales and marketing director of Object Matrix, said: “Content providers, whether they be large broadcasters, or small companies using a little bit of video, naturally need somewhere to protect that video.

“But more than that, they need to ensure they can still easily access archived content whilst keeping that content secure with little or no management effort.

“MatrixStore does just that, as well as providing automated and integrated business continuity functionality, so even when the worst happens and all power is lost, for example, you can still manage that content.

He added: “The platform offers several benefits for organisations that require archive storage, content curation, distribution at scale and would like their staff to work on higher value functions.

“It provides, on-site, off-site or private cloud deployment that can grow and scale with requirements, robust and proven disaster recovery, a business continuity platform, and high levels of security.”

While Object Matrix initially focused on developing sales in the UK market, it’s since gone on to operate globally and has signed the BBC, BT and Gorilla as clients.

“It is good to prove yourselves locally before you can be successful globally. With good established customers in the UK, exporting was a natural progression for our business,” explained Nick.

“It has helped transform our business, not only through increasing sales but by getting to grips with the challenges of new markets and new trends.”

“Exporting can seem daunting at first, but the key lessons we have learned is the importance of good partners, perseverance and visiting your market.

“Also, access the support that is available. We have definitely benefited from advice and support from the Welsh Government.”