Swansea shopping app shortlisted for national award

Swansea BID’s Big Heart of Swansea app, which provides shoppers with exclusive deals throughout the city, has been shortlisted for a coveted British Bids award.

The organisation highlights some of the most inventive and valuable work being done in commercial communities across the UK. Swansea BID’s app has been shortlisted for its innovation.

Shoppers have been venturing into Swansea City Centre after checking the latest offers and deals on the Big Heart app, and the success of the brand is now being noted.

Finalists will be chosen by a panel of judges, and up until September 28th, votes were also open to the public. Winners will be announced on October 19th at the The National BID Conference 2017.

Russell Greenslade, CEO of Swansea BID, said that he’s proud the app is being recognised. “We are very pleased to see the Big Heart of Swansea app has caught the attention of the British BIDs judges.

“The Big Heart of Swansea campaign- with its app and accompanying red loyalty card, has been by far the most popular innovation we have launched as a BID –  It has almost become synonymous with Swansea City Centre.

“The card and app are used so widely by both daytime and nighttime shoppers that one of Swansea’s most popular retailers, Wilko, has reported to us that almost 100 percent of its shoppers either present their red card or use the app when they shop in the store.

He added that the organisation is constantly updating the app to ensure it stays relevant. “The main reason the app has stayed so fresh as a brand is that its offers are kept regularly updated and fresh, so they are useful and of interest to card and app holders.

“I’m grateful to all of the Swansea BID businesses who have helped us to do this by really buying into the Big Heart of Swansea brand and allowing us to offer up to 70 unique deals at any given time.

“I know Swansea BID Businesses who have backed the Big Heart of Swansea scheme have found it to be a valuable tool to help promote their business and their offer, so it is a great two-way street.”