The CDF and Welsh ICE announce monthly micro-funding event

Cardiff newspaper The CDF and Caerphilly-based start-up incubator Welsh ICE have launched a monthly micro-funding event.

Each Eyes Wide Open event will feature a speaker from areas of society such as sports, culture, business and politics – with money raised going to local projects.

The financial awards will be presented on the night, following a vote once the speakers have concluded and the ideas have been showcased to the audience.

These funds are aimed at supporting local projects, social entrepreneurs and community groups, as well as spurring on new, innovative ideas.

EWO has received a Catalyst Award from the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) to make the recurring event happen. The first will be held on Friday, September 25th, from 6pm to 8pm, although the location is secret.

Gwyneth Humphreys, from the CDF, said: “We set up Eyes Wide Open because there are so many important projects in Cardiff that we think deserve to be shouted about. We know how hard it is sometimes to get those projects off the ground when you are struggling for funding.

“Through the CDF, we’ve met some wonderful people, and we love being able to help them through covering them in the newspaper. But Eyes Wide Open also gives us the chance to help important things and people in a financial sense as well.

“We’re hoping that EWO will help our community grow and become stronger by funding the projects that help support it. We’ve been inspired by awesome events like Ignite Cardiff & Detroit Soup, who have already done some great work.”

You can get tickets here.