UK Government announces plans to create “tech hub” in Cardiff

Cardiff will become home to a new “tech hub” as part of a  £21 million plan announced to drive the growth of technology across the UK.

Tech City UK and Tech North, which are UK-government organisations that support the growth of the tech industry, will become a national body called Tech Nation.

The organisation will help to create new companies, job opportunities and clusters in the UK. It said the benefits will be felt by everyone in the industry.

It’ll support around 4,000 businesses, offering them access to targeted growth programmes. And over 40,000 people will be able to develop their skills as part of the announcement.

The first hubs will be created in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast and Cardiff. However, more locations will be announced over the coming months.

Tech City UK has helped support the growth of a number of leading British technology companies, including Just Eat, Zoopla and Funding Circle.

“Our priority will be to build a national network, connecting and catalysing growth in 10 regional tech clusters, plus London, through programmes aimed at every stage in the lifecycle of a digital business,” said TechCityUK.

“The new funding provides the resources to add tech clusters to the network already established by Tech City UK and Tech North (that is, London and three clusters in the North – the North West, Yorkshire and North East).

“We will extend, where applicable, programmes which have proved successful in the North, such as Founders Network and Northern Stars, to build a national network of digital entrepreneurs. We will also strengthen our national programmes Future Fifty and Upscale.”

Neil Cocker, co-founder of Cardiff Start, told Tech Dragons: “We’re very excited to hear that Cardiff, Europe’s fastest growing capital city, will be one of the proposed hubs and will hopefully benefit from the announced funding.

“We look forward to TechCityUK engaging with the community and clarifying how the proposals will support the already thriving ecosystem and successful startups here. – Neil Cocker, co-founder of Cardiff Start.

Gareth Jones, founder of Welsh ICE, said: “We have an active ecosystem and just need more fuel in the tank. Therefore I welcome the announcement from the PM to invest in the fragile Cardiff ecosystem.

“And I look forward to discussions on how that can make the most impact by creating bespoke services for the region.”

Image credit: plumandjello