Welsh charity adopts mobile tech to increase impact

Blind Veterans UK, which is a charity based in Llandudno, has adopted a string of mobile technologies to grow its capacity and reach more people.

The charity, which provides support to armed forces veterans living with sight problems, has invested in new technology from Totalmobile to expand its important work.

It’s rolled out mobile solutions to its team of 125 people, who actively visit the homes of visually impaired ex-service men and women to deliver services.

Thanks to the new technology, the charity said it’ll be able to “significantly increase the number of home visits it carries out per year by reducing administration and travel done by workers”.

In the past, workers at the charity would often need to return to the office to fill out important forms. But thanks to new smartphones, they’ll be able to do this on-the-go.

The organisation expects to expand its home visits by more than 30 per cent. It said the technology is helping it “streamline processes, gain capacity, reduce cost and ultimately improve the standard of service provided”.

Umesh Parekh, from Blind Veterans UK, said: “This is a really positive story for the charity and the people we support. Working with Totalmobile’s solutions, our team will now be able to use mobile devices to capture and submit information during assessments and access information on the move in a way that they wouldn’t have been able to before.

“This will significantly reduce the amount of administration and travel required, meaning that our team can spend more time actually providing services to the blind veterans we support and reducing the time those in need have to wait.”

Jim Darragh, CEO of Totalmobile, added: “Mobile working technology has transformational benefits for organisations – increasing capacity, reducing costs, enhancing compliance and ultimately improving service for the end user.

“Our solutions will enable Blind Veterans UK to maximise the potential of its mobile workforce, ensuring that resources are focused where they are needed for maximum benefit.”