Welsh medical firm rolls out cost-saving tech to UK hospitals

Hospital Innovations, which is a medical supply company based in Talbot Green, has signed a deal to roll out a range of cost-saving tech solutions to UK hospitals.

The firm has become the sole provider of arthroscopes, a move that could help hospitals cut costs and slash the risk of infections. It signed the deal with US firm Integrated Endoscopy.

According to the companies, these disposable and single-use arthroscopes are more effective than the existing reusable examining tools currently being used in keyhole surgery.

Overall, they have poor visual quality and can increase the risk of infection if they aren’t cleaned properly. Hospitals can also struggle to purchase and upkeep this costly equipment.

Currently, the arthroscope marketplace is thought to be worth £150 million. Phil Davies, managing director of the company, said his tech has received an overwhelming from health professionals.

“Our mission is to source ground-breaking products that can seriously benefit the medical sector here in the UK and bring them to market first,” he said.

“The single use rigid arthroscopes not only provide massive cost and time savings to hospitals but will also increase patient safety as each product comes in its own sterile packaging.

“With 100% optical quality every time, this really could transform the way surgery is carried out in Britain.”

Over the past few years, Hospital Innovations has expanded rapidly. It recently moved into a new office and distribution centre, where it’s developing this technology.