Welsh software manufacturer launches in Australia

Welsh software manufacturer Zipporah has expanded launched to Australia.

The firm, which is headquartered in Cardiff, works with over 80 clients and creates solutions for areas such as scheduling, leisure management and complete events.

One of its headline products is Advance, which aims to make booking processes easier for consumers and companies. It makes them faster, easier to navigate and more accessible.

Zipporah has been selling the product in the Australian market since 2013, but it’s now a fully incorporated company in the country under the name Zipporah PTY.

Launched in 2003, it’s implemented its solutions into over 70 UK local authorities and is seeing this coverage reach over a million residents on an annual basis.

The company was recently awarded in the ‘Innovative Software’ category at the ESTnet Awards 2016, and its MD Emma Powell was named ‘Industry Role Model 2016’.

Emma told Tech Dragons: “Australia and New Zealand are really exciting environments for Zipporah to be operating within. Both countries have followed the UK’s lead in embracing technology as a means to overcome austerity across local government.

“The innovative mindset they have, and their willingness to become more digital in their practices, means there is plenty of opportunity for software suppliers in this marketplace, particularly those that have supplied the UK market, a local government market which structurally is most similar to Australasia.

“Already we have seen just how receptive both countries are to Welsh technologies – something we can be particularly proud of, and which served as a catalyst for the formal set up of Zipporah PTY.

“We believe establishing Zipporah PTY will further improve our operational success overseas, and will demonstrate to potential buyers that we’re committed to the Australasian marketplace, and that we’re there for the long term. We hope our success in this region will serve as a blueprint for our wider expansion aims, to take Zipporah to other countries and continents.”