Welsh technologists set up AI event in Cardiff

Several technology specialists and entrepreneurs have launched a new Cardiff-based meet-up to explore the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence.

AI Wales is the brainchild of Jaymie Thomas, chief technology officer of Automise; technology specialist David pugh; and Toby White, from AI company Artimus.

Set to take place monthly, the event is aimed at technical people who want to learn about AI from scratch and will explore the latest trends in the constantly evolving area.

The first event will take place on Thursday, February 1st, at Tramshed Tech. Jaymie and his team will give delegates an introduction to AI and machine learning.

“We’ll also be asking the members to shape the direction of the group, so we can give people information on what they want to learn,” he told Tech Dragons.

Jaymie first met David in September, and they quickly decided that they wanted to launch an AI event in the Welsh capital. “I was introduced to David in September with a view to learning more about AI personally,” he said.

“He gave me some great information and links to material, but when we looked at the local meet-up scene for additional support, we realised that there was a gap in the AI space.”

According to Jaymie, there’s a serious need for an event that brings together specialists in technology and AI based in Wales. He added: “We tested the water with a few technical people we know, and the support for such a group was overwhelmingly positive.

“So together with Toby at Artimus, we’ve established AI Wales.  We’re delighted to have attracted over 60 people so far, in just a few days, and are looking forward to our first meet-up.”