Welsh telco announces record £2 million turnover

Cardiff-based telco TWL Voice and Data has been using acquisitions in a bid to become the biggest telecoms and communications provider in Wales.

This has helped it to generate turnover of £2.1 million this year compared to £1.5 million in 2014, which is a growth of 28 per cent. It expects to make £2.4 million by the end of 2016.

In June, it acquired telecommunications company JVH Communication, its second acquisition in three years after taking over Danwood Telecoms in 2012. It plans to make more in 2016 in order to stem growth.

Andrew Nicholson, MD of TWL, said: “Turnover for 2015 has been encouraging.

‘We have implemented new systems to encourage organic growth by focussing on client services and retention, as well as new business processes.

“However, our acquisition of JVH Communications back in June was key in reaching our target turnover.”

Business advisory group Mustard consulted on the JVH Communications deal. Its chairman Alan Jones tells us how vital acquisitions are to TWL’s growth plans: “Acquisitions have been a key part of the growth in 2015, adding an additional 30% onto one of the monthly income streams.

“​In 2016, we are targeting acquisitions that will have an even bigger effect on growth figures.”