IoT TheThingsNetwork Cardiff 9

Progress on our Air Quality Monitors, LoRaWAN, The Things Network developments, Arwain and Vodaphone step into the lions den with their view of 5G .


A laid-back get together to discuss aspects of R and data science, and get help on any current data challenges you’re having. You don’t have to come along every fortnight but if you’re looking to learn R, commiserate over the latest stumbling block, or help others learn R, we’d love to meet you!

Driving improvement in the DVLA

DVLA’s Agile coaches Helen Jones, Beth Hammacott, Shu Sabrov and Ashley Stockton will cover off some areas they’re focused on, namely: – Creating a value stream map for the delivery of software solutions – Assessing agile maturity using a software tool called ‘Comparative Agility’ – Changes to their implementation of Jira to support our growth...

UX Wales 13

For our July event, we’re heading to our spiritual home, Bipsync’s offices in Cardiff, for 3 deep-dive practical skill talks. They’re short, but densely packed with useful stuff for you to apply to your UX and digital projects.