Interview: Brand protection firm Incopro

Based in Cardiff, Incopro uses data intelligence to help companies tackle brand misuse online. In our most recent interview, the company tells us more about what it does.

TD: Can you tell me more about yourself and the business?

Incopro uses data driven intelligence to remove brand misuse online.   Over 650 brands use Incopro to protect their consumers and revenues.  Customers include Mondelez, Dr. Martens, Reckitt Benckiser, Harley Davidson, Cath Kidston, Superdry, New Era, Brother, Adobe, ghd and Ted Baker.

Incopro employs over 200 people, who use multiple language skills, data science and machine learning to gather and act upon scalable intelligence data online.  Incopro was founded in London in 2012 by CEO and IP lawyer Simon Baggs, and current CTO and system architect Bret Boivin.  In May 2018, Highland Europe invested $21m to push Incopro’s expansion into mainland Europe, China and America.

TD: What products/services have you developed, and what makes them different?

Incopro has developed a technology platform to find infringements and other types of brand misuse online.  This problem is vast and the difference we make is that we can find and remove infringements very fast.  Incopro gathers data on over 9 million infringements every month.

TD: Why was the company set up?

The company was set up because it had become clear that the problem of online infringement was a growing issue for many businesses and this issue was affecting consumers as well.  Buying a fake can be dangerous and those that make fakes and those that scam brands are often using money for other bad activities.  So this is a big problem that needs a data driven solution.

TD: What has your business journey been like?

The journey has been challenging. We have learnt a huge amount about coding and the role of data science and machine learning.  We have also been very much a customer driven business and this has made the journey very exciting.

TD: What’s been the business’ biggest success and challenge?

Our biggest success has been the growth we have experienced and the opening of offices in the US and China.  Our biggest challenge has been to grow quickly – this has led to lots of challenges for our staff in coping with lots of work. We are hugely grateful for the commitment they have shown.

TD: What have you learnt on the way? And what advice would you give to others?

We have learnt a lot about the problems that businesses face online.  The challenges from illegal operators are varied.  From the perspective of a growth company, we have learnt a lot about the importance of recruiting good talent and the need to hire people who are willing to adapt as the company grows.  Not everyone is suited to this, but make the right hires and you get to work with some great and committed people.

Where next for the business?

We are planning to keep growing and to further enhance our technology so that we can cover even more of the online harms that businesses face.